Drops is specialized in environmental services and specifically water treatment. Drops is a company that built and founded by expert team after 20 years of activities and experience in water treatment in Middle East. 

Our company provides our customers with water treatment programs and solutions that maximize system effectiveness through our unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and superior technical expertise.


Drops provides industrial and/or domestic customers a combination of expertise and comprehensive solutions that cover the entire water cycle, from inlet to outlet sources.

Our solutions include treatment products, equipment and services that are perfectly adapted to protect our customer’s industrial or domestic facilities.


  • We deliver water treatment programs with chemicals and/or equipment; treating low to high pressure steam boilers, cooling towers, chillers, swimming pools, reverse osmosis stations, Legionella control, ion exchange stations and waste water treatment programs.
  • Drops provides water hygienic and chemical cleaning services for boilers, closed and open cooling circuits, tanks and R.O. units.
  • Provide sound customer services by prompt responding to routine service calls from customers.
  • Chemicals dosing skids and systems sounds high quality and durable.

Boilers Chemical Treatment

Drops’ boiler chemicals can take care of technical issues when properly applied by one of our local field engineers.

We provide a fine tailored treatment programs that overcome and prevent scale, corrosion and condensates lines pitting. Drops has selective treatment programs for steam boilers and hot water boilers.

Cooling Towers Chemical Treatment Systems

In order to optimize the efficiency of cooling tower or system, Drops’ full range of cooling water treatment chemicals can provide excellent protection against corrosion, scales deposition and microbial growth. Our treatment programs cover wide range of cooling systems at different industries where the programs are well monitored and controlled by online dosing systems and skids.

Swimming Pool

Proper water chemistry is required to keep swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers and maintaining swimming pools chemicals can save pool owners’ time and money. Drops provides outstanding chemical treatment programs for all swimming pools.

Cleaning and Disinfection (Boiler Cleaning)

Chemical cleaning can play an important role in boiler maintenance. Proper chemical cleaning removes deposits from inside boiler tubes. Leads to improve the boiler heating rate, reduces tube failures and improves the stability of boiler chemistry.


Poor chemical treatment in the gathering lines can be quite costly. We have developed a deep understanding of the unique problems that our customers face on a daily basis. As a result, we can create tailored treatment programs that proven to protect assets, keep operating costs manageable and maximize the efficiency of critical processes.

Chiller Cleaning

Most chiller manufacturers recommend cleaning condenser tubes annually and clean evaporator tubes once every three years for closed systems.

Chemical cleaning removes scale. A thorough mechanical cleaning should always follow a chemical cleaning.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling towers basins must be cleaned and disinfected when it comes to bad treatment regime. These large volume areas are extremely critical as they hold large amount of the cooling water. This pool allows bacteria to grow as water is tempered in this area and rich by dissolved oxygen and provides a great breeding ground for biological activity. Cleaning, disinfecting and adding the proper chemicals as legionella control tablets to the end or startup of your cooling season can only enhance your overall water treatment program.

Pipe Line Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a method to derive pipelines of unwanted contaminants.

Chemical cleaning is typically used to remove deposits like scale, corrosion and asphalting sediments in pipelines.

Chemical cleaning increases the efficiency of soft and hard wax deposits removal from the internal pipeline surface to maintain/restore/enhance their flow capacity.

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What we supply to our customers!

Spare Parts Supplies

  • Sewage / Wastewater treatment units. Design, supply and installation. DAF, MBR, MBBR …etc
  • Dosing systems including dosing pumps, automatic controllers, mixers, sensors ….etc
  • Pressure vessels and heads
  • R.O. units, spare parts and membranes
  • Sand, carbon and cartridge filters
  • Filter media including sand, gravel and carbon media of different sizes.
  • Softeners and salt tanks
  • UV systems and spare parts

Commodity Chemicals

    • Soda Ash

    • Caustic Soda

    • Sodium hypochlorite, 12%

    • Calcium hypochlorite, 65%

    • Sodium meta bisulfite (SMBS)

    • Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

    • Biocide Anti-Clog Tablets for air conditioning systems, Legionella Tablets

    • Sodium Chloride Salt Tablets