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Automotive Industry

Drops is your partner for all questions concerning water and waste water management. We offer the most technically water and process treatment solutions. Our highly qualified engineers will gladly advise you on how to increase plant lifecycle and reduce energy costs
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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Our economic treatment concepts for your cooling water, boiler water and waste water plants extend lifecycles and increase productivity. As specialists for ultrapure water and reverse osmosis we ensure water quality levels that meet the highest expectations.

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To solve this problem, seawater purification has evolved into a viable alternative water supply. Desalination plants use processes such as reverse osmosis systems for the safe production of drinking water. Naturally, all our products used for the treatment of drinking water are NSF certified.

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Food and Beverage Industry

By providing comprehensive water and process solutions through our integrated approach of chemistry, equipment and automation, we help our customers reduce energy and water usage, pollutant discharge and chemical feed.

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